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Digital disruptors to watch in 2017

In the lurid space where financial and digital innovation intersect, disruptors are booming. They’ll continue to cause upheaval in 2017 and make their mark in a landscape that’s becoming progressively challenging to navigate. Here’s my prediction of the movers and makers to watch in 2017:


The moral mobile wallet: Striking the right balance with end users

Even though studies are showing that an increasing number of users are giving the mobile wallet technology a try, only a few are reported to be using it on a continuous basis. Consumers say their top two reasons for not regularly using their mobile wallet are either that they forget to do so (the question of value) or that they are uncertain as to which merchants will accept the payment.

AUGUST 16, 2016

Has Africa Been Left Behind by Formal Financial Services?

Has Africa been left behind by formal retail financial services? This is the question posed by the African Financial Retail Readiness Index (AFRRI).

The first annual AFRRI report looks at eight countries from Sub-Saharan Africa, comparing various metrics to determine the maturity of the current financial services in each country, and highlighting areas of opportunity for formal retail banking.

JUNE 7, 2016

Armed with fintech and fuelled by data: Africa's banker of tomorrow

The time is 6:02AM, the year 2026, the location Lagos Financial City. Fatima Abouzeid flails at her digital personal assistant to silence the alarm, which in return flashes her a miffed/not-miffed emoji and starts to warble the main news headlines of the day.
SEPT 20, 2016

News release Ghana

The new kids on the pay ground. How African banks are losing their hold on the payment space.
AUGUST 26, 2016

crowd of people

Banks grapple while Nimble Players eat their lunch

Financial inclusion is a critical engine of economic development at both macro and micro levels. Technology – and access to mobile phones – could make financial services accessible and available to nearly 4 billion people who are ignored or underserved, without access to formal financial systems – thus depriving people of economic citizenship. It’s very sad that in 2016, the majority of the world’s population still has no access to formal financial services, despite the known and documented advantages of having banked citizens.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2016


banking innovations sketch

IC Bank takes the lead in innovative disruption

Mobile banking innovator, WIZZIT International, recently collaborated with International Commercial Bank to launch the first ever mobile payment platform in Albania. The launch of Zing marks a critical turning point for the traditionally cash-rich nation and is surprisingly being adopted and implemented by one of Albania’s smallest banks.
AUGUST 18, 2016

skyscrapers with wizzit text

WIZZIT International Quarterly Newsletter, August 2016

Welcome to the August Edition of the WIZZIT International Newsletter – and to the downhill stretch of 2016.  
AUGUST 1, 2016 READ MORE...  
mobile banking

A new solution for SMEs

Banks have to realise that the ‘One size fits all’ (OSFA) approach simply does not work in today’s world. The needs of the youth segment, the student segment, the business man, the entrepreneur and the pensioner are all vastly different. We all know and accept this, and yet bankers are often astounded when the ‘OSFA’ philosophy doesn’t yield the results.
JULY 1, 2016 READ MORE...  




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