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WIZZIT is well known for launching the world’s first USSD channel for feature phones 15 years ago and for providing customised Apps (Android and IOS). WIZZIT now offers a completely secure Chatbot banking interface for banks. This feature offers their customers fast, secure and easily accessible financial services using a bank branded chatbot.


It’s important to note that Chatbot banking can be accessed from anywhere and in any language of choice. Services can be added easily and dynamically to the platform with no downloads being required as they are with mobile banking Apps. Phone peripherals can be accessed which streamlines the use of QR codes for payments. It allows the submission of documents and photos for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information, as well as contact details when sending funds. It is band width light and allows users as well as small and informal merchants to make and accept digital payments at lower costs, even with future phones.

In just eight weeks, banks can brand and integrate WIZZIT’s secure chatbot system into their core banking systems and existing web services. This means customers can enjoy the convenience and security of digital payment methods that suit them via the converging mobile, social media, instant messaging and e-commerce.


In addition to Chatbot banking, WIZZIT offers a suite of shared services for banks to remain relevant. Millions of customers need and want to make digital payments for e-commerce and other transactions, such as:


- Virtual Card

- QR codes

- Money Send

- Mobile Banking

- Mobile wallets


- Internet Banking

- Apps

The benefits of a Chatbot VS APP


Not dynamic.

Access the Chatbot anywhere in the world.

Updates require App to be downloaded to the relevant store and that the customer in turn has to do an update.

User does not need to download, just find the Bank’s Chatbot and subscribe. Updates and changes are automatically incorporated.

Have to be adapted per make and model of phone.

Works on all handsets; is network agnostic; is operating system agnostic. Services can be added dynamically. No updates necessary.

Has to be vetted by each App store each time an update is required.

Language can be changed based on a customer’s choice of language.

They are slow.

Choice of currency in multi-currency environment.

Apps utilize substantial data and bandwidth.

Peripherals of the phone can be accessed, such as:


    - Photos for KYC information


    - Access to the contacts to easily send money


- No limit on responses, meaning user-friendly responses and communications with customers.


Bandwidth light.

If you are interested please give us a call or use the enquiry form and we will get back to you.